We all get them but here’s a few ‘beauties’ for you, questions not to ask your printer, to whet your appetite and maybe inspire you to print some of yours!

1.  How much are your leaflets?

Seems a good question but it really is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ It has variables and answers to t hose variables make the answer very different. My response is to ask a range of questions such as: [but I’d add they keep coming back with ‘I don’t know, I just want a price’]. Sorry not to have been much help!

a)      How many?

b)      What size?

c)       Single or double sided?

d)      Colour or black and white?

e)      What finish; matt or laminate?

f)       What thickness of paper?

See what I mean?

2.  Can you make the text bigger but with more white space?

Yes, surprised us too. How can we make the content larger but have more space on the paper? Reduce the number of words would work? Not what they were looking for unfortunately.

3.  Can you design me a logo and how much does it cost?

I understand that some companies do a ‘one price fits all’ when it comes to logo design. Regretfully, for this particular customer (and they are not alone) we don’t. We believe that each logo is an individual creation and it takes time to learn about the ‘expectations’ of the customer to deliver something that is very close and where just a few tweaks are needed. It is however, rare that someone comes to us with an idea that is thought out, drawn out and even has colours chosen. The majority of people just don’t know what they want and therefore the process is not so quick. Endless edits increase our costs so although we will quote a price (having established what you want with a free consultation) it will have a stated number of edits included. You never know; the customer may change their mind completely once they see what they ‘wanted’ – and that unfortunately is not so rare!

 4.  Why do I have to pay VAT?

The Government says so – enough said. Really? Yes, really, people do ask this.

 5. Why do I have to check the proofs?

Proofreading is time consuming and errors found after the printing are expensive to correct – be it leaflets, banners or business cards. The customer is the customer for a reason – they want the goods and theirs is the last word. We therefore give them the last word on ‘go to print’ but only once they’ve checked and proofed it. These same individuals won’t pay for proofreading, expect it to be in the price and then want it cheap! We’re good but do have staff and overheads to pay.


At Fasprint we pride ourselves on high quality, high standards and competitive prices. We’re not the cheapest and don’t ever want to be. We love our work and want our clients to love it too.

For us it’s a labour of love:  each and every piece of design and/or print has our name stamped on it that’s why we have our Business Card of the Month on our website; we want to be associated with our clients and the products they get from us.

Above are some of the questions not to ask your printer – we have however answered them here so you don’t have to ask next time you want some printing done. You’re welcome!


So, let’s hear the silliest questions you’ve ever been asked – I love a giggle too.


Image Copyright: http://www.123rf.com/profile_zerbor