What Business Card Mistakes are you making – or have seen?

I am sure you will be able to add to my small list – so please don’t be afraid of letting me know what they are – my list is just to set you off. Over the years I’ve seen lots, made a few and stopped many more from happening. It really is not my job to produce something that I know will not work, will not attract customers and will usually make me look bad!

Every enquiry for business card comes to me with huge extremes : whether because they know exactly what they want (or think they do) to those that have no idea at all. Every instance gives me the pure pleasure to work with a client to make them smile (and sometimes cry – from joy) and putting my many years’ experience to good use.

I do preach that it is the single most important selling tool your business has – and I wholeheartedly believe this. Leaving something behind to represent you is important to how people (prospective customers) view you, your business, your ethics, your values – it goes on.

Here’s some fundamentals to set you off:

  1. Not bringing it out with you. Why would you attend a networking event, where every person is a prospective customer potentially looking for you, without your business cards? It happens all the time. Men have it easy; they can put a handful into jacket pockets with ease whilst us ladies don’t usually have that luxury and if we change bags all is lost! Think about keeping a box in your car (and partner’s car too) so there will be some not too far away when you’ve driven all the way there.
  2. Colour – if you know me at all this is a major ‘tour subject’. Such an important aspect with colour having so many different meanings and how that represents your brand. It’s never too late to find out what you should be using (check out my blog on the topic). Unsure please get in touch and I will clarify it for you.
  3. Content and Fonts – you may laugh but the amount of business cards I receive that either don’t have the person’s name or contact information on them or that I just can’t read is unreal. There are basics that are needed: persons name and company name, contact email, telephone, web address and logo. Other information may include office address, social media links, strap line and services offered. Maybe a picture of you too (professional of course); this will help to remember you and especially when meeting up later for a 121! But please don’t clutter the card making it difficult to read – there are two sides so don’t be afraid to use both. White space enables notes to be written but also helps with reading too.
  4. Getting lost in the crowd. There are so many people, so many businesses, so many business cards – if they are all the same how will you be recognised. Having a USP is great but if your card is not memorable they will forget. Die cuts and non-standard sizes are available and do not impact on the price radically. Think outside the box (or I can do this for you) and be different so you stand out. Using folds, different styles of finish (such as embossing, laminate etc) all go towards standing out.
  5. Paper quality – an area of contention for all printers. Do you go for the Vistaprint paper cards or for the card-like cards that are twice if not three times thicker than everyone else? It says a lot about you if you are happy to handover a home printed card – are you serious? Yes, that’s the question that they will be asking themselves. Is your business as throw away as your cards? There are different qualities available and with the right finish a fabulous, business-like card can be produced for a reasonable cost. I pride myself on my cards; always asking myself ‘would I be proud to hand this out or would I do business with this company’. The ‘CJAJ test’ always works.

So just a few fundamentals and it really is never too late to get the card that is right for you and your business.

Feel free to comment on your faux pas’ or those of a ‘friend’ and if you want to re-think your business cards I’d be happy to offer you a Free consultation to discuss its merits.